A bright spot for this crazy world right now. #nofilter #motherfuckingnature Man, I tell ya 😍


I’ve been so truly taken by Iceland, to the point I’ve not wanted to even share the millions of photos I have on my phone on here...(just wanting to keep them for myself!) Quite honestly the most beautiful and mesmerizing place I’ve had the honor to hang in for a while in my entire life! Thank you for having me @shootandrun I miss you, you’re home, you’re island, your VERY close to erupting volcano and your beautiful friends! TAKE ME BACK! ❤️💔 #iceland #vik #bestfriends #motherfuckingnature


Omg!! Bucket list right here!! 🙏🏼😍✨ . . . . #northernlights #nofilterneeded #motherfuckingnature #bucketlist #lastnightshowingoff #svalbard #yay #magical #YAAS


Such incredible footage of @oceanramsey swimming with Great White.⠀ ⠀ Follow @weirdbiology for more 🧬


He said “let’s go the distance.” Does he not know I’m about to replaced? “Sure” I replied. Let him think this is forever. Who am I to break a man’s will and determination.


Mutant Mountain. The 3 leaf update: Well I'm very glad I kept it going. this is a northern lights with a mutation,When it came up it had an entire extra leaf and branch. It curled up weird in veg and I had serious doubts about if it would even flower let alone produce, But I stayed the course and I'm happy I did 😊 I also always train my plants but this, because of it being so random I left to do whatever. it is a #nugbush. #nugmountain


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